Ladam Jafari (Allama Zameer Naqvi) Announced the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Vaccine

The treatment of corona is plasma which I was the first in the whole world to tell, the private channel stole this treatment from my Majlis, however I will not tell you how to deliver pure blood to the patient’s body. Allama Zameer Naqvi Said.

Lydon Jafari (Allama Zameer Naqvi) explained the cure for corona virus. According to the details, while talking to well-known villager Waqar Zaka during the live session, Allama Zameer Naqvi said that corona is a blood disease so it should be cured with blood. Can He said that the treatment of corona is plasma in which the blood of healthy people is taken and transfused to the patient. “I first mentioned this in my meeting,” he was quoted as saying on private TV. Which was stolen. The anchor of the channel has also admitted that the treatment of corona through plasma was first mentioned by Allama Zameer Naqvi in ​​his Majlis. Allama Zameer Naqvi said that the blood of those who recovered from Corona should be transfused to the virus patient.

The best treatment in the world is plasma therapy which I mentioned first. Talking further, Allama Zameer Naqvi said that the second thing for treatment is pure blood. Which I didn’t tell anyone. I have hidden how to get pure blood.
I will not tell you how to get pure blood into the patient’s body. It should be noted that even before this, Allama Zameer Naqvi had claimed to have discovered the cure for Corona and had said that he would not tell. People make fun of me. It should also be noted that many memes are circulating regarding Allama Zameer Naqvi, on which he warned the consumers to take them to court.

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