Kashmiri Tea (Special Eid Recipe)

Kashmiri tea/chaye peeny m achi or mazy dar tea ha or is k sath sath is k benefits b hain jo k kashmiri chaye k hain.

Benefits of Kashmiri Chaye
 Good for the skin health
 Improves digestion
 Healthy energy drink
 Reduces stress
 Helps strengthen the immune system
 Burns fat

Recipe of Kashmiri Tea


  • Water_____ 2 Cup
  • Mitha Soda _____ ½ Tbsp
  • Badyan k phol _____ 1 Nos
  • Sugar _______ ½ Cup
  • Could Water with Ice ______ 2 Cup
  • Namk ________ for Taste
  • Green Ilachi ______ 3 Nos
  • Milk __________ 3 Cup
  • Kishmiri Tea _____ 3 Tbsp
  • Pista _________ 9 sa 10 Nos
  • Almonds ______ 5 Nos

Sub sa phely hum na 1 Bartan lena ha jis m hm n 2 cup water dalna ha
Us m hum na kishmiri tea k 3 Tbsp dalny hain
Is k sath Green Ilachi, Badyan ka phol, mitha soda or namk is ma dal kr is ko achi tra pakana ha
Is ko itna pakana ha k jo water hum na lia ta us m se half water reh jaye.

Jab us m sa 1 cup water reh jye to is m 1 cup could water mix krna ha ho saky to ice wala water lena ha
Phr us pani ko itna pakna ha k us m sa b half water reh jye.
Yaad rhy k jitna could water le gy utna acha color niklyga.

Is k bad phr 1 cup could water dalna ha
Us ko b itna pakna ha k 1 cup water reh jye.
Is tra humra kehwa tyar ho jye ga or is ha 1 alg brtan m nikal ly.

Ab hum na milk ko boil kr lena ha is ma sugar dalni ha or is m green ilachi dal kr halki anch pr paka lena ha.
Jb milk boil ho jye to is m tyar kiya hua kehwa dal kr is ko 5 sa 7 mint pakna ha……..
Ab Tea ko cup m dal kr is k oper pista or almonds pees kr dal dy.

Kashmiri Tea is Ready…………………………… Duaon m yaad rakhiye ga.

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