All About Ertugrul Ghazi Series and Reality

Why this series is trending?

Before this drama series, only few people knows about the reality of Ertugrul Ghazi. Even people only know that he is the father of the Osman Ghazi and hardly we were able to find not more than 10 pages about the Ertugrul Ghazi.
This drama series is about 13th century’s bravest Islamic hero Ertugrul Ghazi. He was fighting for the Islam’s preach, Peace and Justice, between two big tribes of Mongol and Saleebi (Crusade). In this fight he was also fighting with another fight of density and love.
Best thing about this drama series is that it’s showing historical things like costumes, how they make cloths weapons and goods and their trading. How they interact within the tribe and with people outside of tribe and with their enemies and friends. Also how they deal with their guests and fight till death to protect them.

Popularity in Pakistan

Just in few days this series got famed in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Prime Minister after coming from Turkey visit, has announced/instructed to PTV (Pakistan’s official Television Channel) to broadcast the Ertugral Ghazi season one and same to the nation to watch. As this drama series is full of suspense and entertainment so who ever watched its one or two episode got addicted to watch whole day and night in lock-down. After broadcast, PTV’s YouTube channel got huge number of subscribers and reached to 3 Million. This count is increasing day by day and would break record on YouTube.
From some resources it is also noted that people playing mobile games are also turned to this series.

Impact on Pakistani Media

Overall impact on Pakistani media is well, expect only few actors are not satisfied with its popularity.
Many Pakistani TV Actor supported this action of broadcasting Turkish Series of Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan. As it reflects good content on Islam and our industry should also improve the content of Pakistani’s Drama.
On the other hand one of the Television Actor “Yasir Hussain” is unhappy and criticize the government for broadcasting Turkish drama on Pakistani TV. He also wrote on his Instagram story that colleagues those are saying we should improve the content when they are on the set they should.

Main Cast of Ertugrul Ghazi and Their Real Life Pictures

Man playing the Leading actor role of Ertugrul Ghazi is Engin Altan Düzyatan who is 40 year old man. He started his journey in media as a supporting actor in 2001 as per IMDb. In real life he is a father of two children.

Role of Suleyman Shah who is the father of Ertugrul Ghazi is done by Serdar Gökhan, He is 74 years old and worked in huge numbers of films. He started his film journey from 1971.

Hayme Hatun (Hayme Sultan) mother of EG role performed by Hülya Darcan, she was born in 1951 (69).

Kaan Taşaner played the role of Gündoğdu Bey (Guldaro) elder brother of EG. As per IMDB record he started his media journey from 2010. He is 41 years old

EG’s Wife and mother of Osman Ghazi Halime Sultan role was completed by Esra Bilgiç, Esra Bilgiç is actress and model born on 1992 (28 yrs old). She has won 5 Awards through different series. Her journey was started on 2014.

Osman Soykut played the role of great sufi and Spiritual leader Ibn Arabi.

Bamsi Beyrek (Babar) was one of the loyl alp and blood brother, this role was mostly liked because of his funny scenes, this role is played by Nurettin Sönmez. He is 42 year old and started his journey on 2013 as per IMDb.

One of the bravest blood brother of EG, Turgut (Noor Gul) Alp’s role was played by Cengiz Coşkun. Turgut was the unique fighter as he fights with axe.

Third blood brother of Ertugrul ghazi Dogan Alp’s role was played by Cavit Çetin Güner.

Selcan Hatun (Shehnaz Khatoon)

Didem Balçın played the role of Selcan Hatun (Shehnaz Khatoon) in the series. She played the role of wife of Gündoğdu Bey and adaptive daughter as well as daughter in law of Suleyman Shah. In start of season 1 she played an evil role but after the help of Ibn Arabi she repented.

Gokche Hatun (Roshni)

Role of Gokche Hatun (Roshni) and younger sister of Selcan Hatun is done by Burcu Kıratli. She had positive role throughout and she also saved the life of Ertugrul. She was fall in love with Rtugrul but didn’t married with him because of Halima Sultan. Later she married with Tuğtekin

Aykuz Hatun (Shaheena)

This character is also most viewed and liked by viewers, Hande Subasi played the role of Aykuz Hatun (Shaheena). She played the role of expert archery and first wife of Noor Gul.

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