Heat Stroke Symptoms Treatment and Prevention (Home Remedies)

A rise in body temperature above 40 degrees is called a heatstroke. This condition is more common in summer. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or toil in the heat can cause this condition. If immediate medical attention is not sought in this situation, serious consequences can occur and in case of negligence, the patient may die.

Heat Stroke Symptoms

  1. The key symptom of heatstroke is a core body temperature of more than 103 F, measured by a rectal thermometer.
  2. Mental or Behavior Changes,These can result from heatstroke distress, agitation, slurred expression, irritability, delirium, seizures and coma. 
  3. Change to sweating. Your skin can feel hot and dry to the touch at heatstroke brought on by hot weather. Nevertheless, the skin can feel dry or slightly moist in a heat stroke induced by exercise.
  4. You may feel disturbance in your stomach and could vomit.
  5. When body temperature increase above then normal, it will turned into red.
  6. You may feel breathing problem, Your breathing can get shallow and fast.
  7. As heat increase the strees on heart to make your body cool, in resultant your pulse rate would increase.

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