Corona Virus After Effects in Pakistan

How Schools, Teachers and students are affected after COVID-19

After winter holidays its been a pleasing extension as a massive pandemic COVID-19 hit the world and entered Pakistan.The lock down began since March and the schools remained closed. Parents became infuriated because they had to pay the fees of their children.The schools developed online learning programs, students exchanged assignments with their teachers, even live video lectures were arranged. But there were many students who had no access to internet and were left untouched with the provided study material. The most disturbed creatures throughout this situation are the teachers who had to work very hard.

They say it would have been easy for teacher to sit at home and get their salary. But only they know how miserable they are because their is an endless list of online tasks which they have to perform. They are praying that this pandemic goes away lifting up all its terror so that the schools re-open. But wait…… there is a new horror that anticipate them, the students who have anticipate them, the students who have disconnected with their studies for so many months would now be like a blank slate. Teachers will have to start from the basics.

Although the news of schools re-opening circulates every month but some say they won’t, why? Because parents who object on submitting fee or avoiding new admissions are caught in the trap and the date of school re-opening is extended further.

corona in school

How Life has been affected due to COVID-19?

Honestly speaking COVID-19 is pandemic for those, whose close relatives or family members are suffering this virus or have passed away due to this, for those who are moving about safely without symptoms consider it a fake rumor and do not follow any precautions.

The economy of our country has devastated during this lock-down but the people of Pakistan have been suffering one way or the other since its creation. I pray to ALLAH for easing our hardships and bestow us with sincere leaders. Ameen. Long Live Pakistan.

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