Difference Between CSS and PCS/PMS

What is the difference between CSS and PCS/PMS?
The civil servants of Pakistan are undoubtedly one of the most competent officers of the country because of a tough procedure through which they pass and reach the post. There are two types of exams for these services commonly known as PCS/PMS and CSS.
Mostly, people are confused and uncertain about the difference between the two due a little bit similarities of both of the exams.
CSS stands for Central Superior Services, while PCS is the abbreviation of Provincial Civil Services & PMS stands for Provincial Management Services. The word PCC has replaced by PMS.
A PMS officer has the responsibilities on the provincial level while a CSS officer is responsible to fulfill his/her duties on the national level. CSS is basically a bureaucratic responsibility to run the civilian bureaucratic operations, government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet secretariat on the national level.
Below is a detailed description of PMS and (Provincial Civil Services) and CSS (Central Superior Services).

PMS (Provincial Management Services):
This exam is held every year without any fixed number of seats for the province. This number of seats varies every year according to the vacancies and requirements. The seats are under the command and control of the state government and a recruited aspirant cannot be transferred to another state. Basically, Ppsc is a board responsible for
announcing vacancies for numerous sort of posts selecting aspirants for declared posts on merit selecting civil servants for their respective provinces (BPS-9 to BPS-20).
The prominent posts for the candidates who pass * PMS* exams are:

  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Tehsildar
  • DDOR
  • ETO (excise and taxation officer)
  • Superintendent of jail
  • ASI
  • Excise inspector
  • Zakat officer
    *Manger Auqaf
  • Stenographer
  • Assistant
    *Subject Specialist
  • Lecturer
    *Civil Judge
  • Legal Inspector
  • Veterinary Officer
  • MBBS Doctors
  • Teachers

CSS (Central Superior Services):
The Central Superior Services (CSS) is a prestigious and elite bureaucratic authority for the civil services. The offices are required to run the machinery of government and its different sections.
The CSS is the exam conducted every year for the appointment of civil officers on the national level. This is the reason; it is called Central Superior Services because the recruited person gets an authority of working for the federal government of Pakistan. The passed candidate is directly appointed in the pay scale of 17 and has the authority in the federal departments. This exam has different occupational sections which are given below:

  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Police Service of Pakistan (PSP)
  • District Management Group (DMG)
  • Income Tax Group (ITG)
  • Customs and Excise Group (CEG)
  • Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP)
  • Postal Group (PG)
  • Commerce & Trade Group (CTG)
  • Railways Group (RG)
  • Information Group (IG)
  • Military Lands and Cantonment Group (MLCG)
  • Officer Management Group (OMG)

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